TIS fundraising calendar, Annual Giving

Thank you so much to everyone who has contributed to TIS fundraisers so far this year (Auction, Run for the Arts, Sally Foster). Normally we would have published the entire year's fundraising calendar in September to help with your planning. This year the Development Committee's charter and function is being formalized so we are still working to publish the complete development committee plan to you. We are continually working to keep the number of fundraisers to a reasonable level while providing choice for people who want to give in different ways. We want to make sure that we have an effective and appropriate structure and framework to make this happen. The development committee charter & plan will be published in ITK in early January.

The fundraising itself can't wait, so I wanted to give you a little preview:

- Please look for an Annual Giving solicitation coming to your home within the next week. Annual Giving contributions go directly to support teachers and classroom resources that benefit every child every day. The most important thing about Annual Giving is your participation - at any level. In the spring we will be monitoring participation by class to encourage the highest possible participation rate from TIS parents. The TIS fundraising year is July 1 through June 30, so contributions you make this month will count - and they'll get you a 2008 tax deduction.

- The only additional major fundraisers you will see this spring will be those to benefit Capstone Academic Trips Abroad. These include SCRIP gift cards (where you get face value for your purchase and the stores give TIS a percentage), bake sales, and possibly one major event (last year it was a wine tasting).

Please watch your mail - your participation helps to make TIS the great place it is for our children.

Linda Bonder
Marketing & Communications Director
503-226-2496 x104

P.S. You can also donate on-line at any time by visiting www.intlschool.org/annual_giving