Stephan's update

Principal Maria Abad
Maria will be away from the school this week. She is attending a seminar for Administrators of ISA Bilingual Programs in Spain as a guest of the Spanish Ministry of Education from December 8 – December 12. T.I.S. has a very long-standing and positive relationship with the Spanish Ministry, and the school is pleased to continue with that liaison. If parents have any immediate concerns about their child’s schooling, parents should always contact their son’s/daughter’s homeroom teachers and then the lead teacher for that program. Of course, in Maria’s absence, parents may also contact the school’s Business Manager, Rob Timmons, at, or me by email at, or by skype. I can also call parents who may prefer that form of contact.

Construction update
The Corbett play area project is now in the final drawing stage and those drawings go off next to the Engineer for approval. We anticipate that this will occur this week so that things can once again reach the permit stage with the City. The entire issue is proving to be quite extraordinary in anyone’s experience. With all the required changes, of course, the school has had to request a revised bid for the construction with the new drawings. Some of the work has already been completed in terms of deck railings, etc., by the construction company at their own shop. We simply cannot move ahead any further until things become fully resolved with the City. We thank everyone for their patience as we continue to navigate through the City’s processes.

Construction projects in the pipeline

The school is moving ahead with the planning for classroom refurbishment on the top floor of the main building where the area still partitioned into classrooms will be turned into permanent walled classrooms. Frank Bojanowski is steering that process through as the school tenders bids for architects at this stage. The construction is planned for next summer.

Thanks to your support for the Auction Special Appeal, we are now acquiring bids for the Gym refurbishment project. It is possible that the work will begin over the coming winter break. The first area to receive attention is the floor, followed in due course by wall repairs, painting, wall mats, etc. Most of these items will be scheduled for the spring break when again the students are out of school.

Earthquake procedures
The administrative team has developed an earthquake evacuation procedure. We are in the final stages of reviewing that plan. The next step will be to educate the staff and students on the proper procedures and then begin to practice the routines with drills.