Stephan's update

Campus security upgrades
The school’s facilities upgrade projects continue and are being well managed by Facilities Manager Frank Bojanowski. Frank has overseen the installation of the new outdoor lighting at Sherman Street for added security. The new lights brighten up the entry considerably and illuminate the area near the north playground. Frank is in contact with PGE to investigate the possibility of having a new street light added to the area immediately south of the Main building.

The relocation of the Reception, Business, and Admissions offices to the first floor has provided much improved monitoring of the area between the modular and the main building. This now also provides for a single, central area for public access to the main building.

New drive-through drop-off and pick-up times
Principal Maria confirms that the new schedule which began just this morning worked very well. Again, the revised schedule is designed to provide improved service to parents in terms of drop-off and pick-up times, as well as allowing for classes to conclude at 3:15 as per the school’s normal operating schedule.

Corbett playground update
Deliberations with the City continue through Frank’s efforts. A revised project continuation date will be communicated as soon as possible.

Grandparents’ Day
Thanks to the efforts of so many people, Grandparents’ Day last Wednesday went very well indeed. As with any such event, the school’s Admin Team will discuss the day and review possible improvements for next year.

I had the pleasure of observing the Japanese grades 4 and 5 students as they made their presentations to an audience of parents and grandparents. An obvious highlight was the Capstone presentation. The poise, confidence, and obvious comfort with the Japanese culture and language as demonstrated by each of the students when speaking and presenting represented a powerful reminder of the significance of the school’s programming. I look forward very much to similar presentations of the students in the Chinese and Spanish tracks later on when they return from their Capstone trips.