Japanese Track marketing focus continues

Last school year we started a special, focused effort to build enrollment in the TIS Japanese Track. To spearhead this effort, Keiko Buckendahl started contracting for TIS as the Japanese Track marketing manager. Keiko and Linda Bonder work closely together to plan strategy and coordinate activities, then Keiko works with our Japanese Track faculty and many areas of the community in this important endeavor.

Many thanks to the staff, students & families in the Japanese Track for all their work on the various events and activities that come up!

Of course the Japanese Track is included in all TIS marketing activities. However the effort to build the track includes a continual list of focused activities. Following is an update:

1. New adviser /board member
We are trying to get a new adviser for the Japanese track to help us connect with the Japanese Community and Japanese- American businesses. We would like to grow our network within the Japanese community to help each other. Keiko has been networking and has started meetings with a Japanese community member as a possible addition to the TIS board of trustees.

2. Japan Exchange and Teaching Program Alumni Association of Portland (JETAA)
The JET Program was founded by the Japanese Government. There are 80 college graduates each year from Oregon who go to Japan to teach English at public schools. When these people return from Japan, they have a natural affinity for Japanese language and culture and move into the age of starting families. There is JET Alumni Association in Portland with which Keiko has established a relationship. They do a lot of events and keep contact with each other with newsletters.  Linda wrote an article about our school in their June newsletter which they mailed out to about 300 JET Alumni in Oregon. We are advertising in their newsletter, and Keiko is working with their board on other collaborations such as letting them use TIS for their events.

3. YYS -Yuuyake Shinbun
We have been advertising regularly in YYS for two years, and Keiko and the TIS teachers have managed a program of TIS articles in YYS for the past year. This year we are publishing Japanese track student's writing in Yuyake Shinbun, community newspaper. It started from First grade. This is a great tool to show our student's level and growth of each grade. Many many thanks to Yuuyake Shinbum for their continued generosity and support of TIS - please pick up a copy when you get a chance.

4. Free sing and play class
Last spring Keiko organized a very well-attended Japanese music class for toddlers, which brought about 40 new families to TIS. She is relaunching this effort with more classes scheduled for Jan/February.

5. Hosting Kanji test for Portland community
On Saturday, February 7th from 11am, TIS will be hosting a Japanese government Kanji proficiency test. This is a test to check Kanji level in the Japanese grade system. We would like to help people to study Japanese in the Portland area.

6, Nikkei jin kai/ Ikoki no kai
This is a Japanese community organization in Portland that Keiko is developing a relationship with on behalf of TIS. We hope to participate in their board meeting and member meetings to share stories and information about TIS. to participate in that. We would like to talk about TIS and let them know what we do.

Keiko Buckendahl
Japanese Track Marketing Manager
503-226-2496 x305

Linda Bonder
Marketing & Communications Director
503-226-2496 x104