Giving Thanks from the Library

Book-loving kids equal messy bookshelves! The library media center is fortunate to have four wonderful volunteers who come in every week to reshelve materials and to tidy up the shelves. Thank you Holly Korngiebel, Juliana Gellman, Katherine Kostoff and Carol Phillips.

When classes visit the library it is always great to have another adult on hand to read a story, help a student locate a book or to answer the myriad of questions asked each day. Thank you to Bobbi Wolf, Jill Thompson, Harumi Marshall, and Margaret McConnell.

The library media center relies on volunteers who cover and repair books, as well as perform other jobs for special projects. Thank you to Linda McGeady, Cindy Jones, Linda Cioffi, Heidi Fouser and Emiko Menasco.

The Library Committee is instrumental in growing the school’s newest resource. They work hard doing everything from processing books to writing grants. Thank you to Arkady Mak, Kim Braun, Elizabeth Wolf, Chris Higgins, Harumi Marshall and Heather Cyldesdale.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Tamara Fornell