TIS Communication Framework - from Stephan Grasmuck

Dear Members of The International School Community:

The International School has reached a stage in its development where policies and procedures in many areas of endeavour need to be established and widely understood.  As with any successful organization, effective communications remain essential to the proper operation of T.I.S.

The following framework seeks to crystallize best practices for the school's many constituencies as they interact and communicate with one another.  This template has undergone many revisions thanks to the efforts especially of the Senior Administrative team of the school: Linda Bonder - Marketing and Communications Director, Rob Timmons - Business Manager, Jan Williams - Admissions Director, Frank Bojanowski - Facilities Manager, and Maria Abad - Principal.  The school also thanks and acknowledges the efforts of Meade Thayer, Executive Director of PNAIS, for his review and input into the development of this document.

This Communications Framework has been reviewed by the Board of Directors of T.I.S.  The document has been presented to the faculty at a regular meeting and then to the parents who attended the November 12 PTO meeting at the school.  The framework is now posted at the bottom of this letter and on the web site by clicking on the "Parent Resources" menu.

This document provides everyone in the school community with a guide as to best practice in moving forward with the school's development.  The framework will, of course, be re-evaluated over time to ensure its efficacy.  It serves as a touch-stone whenever any questions arise as to the best way to proceed with communications in a given circumstance.

When these guidelines are followed, communication among community members will support the ideals of stability and positive feelings toward effective problem solving for all concerned.  This means, of course, that the school will be able to continue to carry out its core business of working with its students most effectively.

Please review the diagrams in this model.  They serve to illustrate the primary and secondary paths of communication among the many constituencies of the school.  Information as to what is appropriately discussed/communicated along each avenue of dialogue accompanies each graphic in this model.

Please click here to view The International School Communications Framework.


Dr. Stephan Grasmuck