At the Library Media Center

Meet Trystn: TIS Library Patron
Interviewed by Connor, Japanese 5th Grade

Name: Trystn
Grade: 5th
Track: Chinese
Years at TIS: 6th year

What is your favorite thing about the school library?
"I like almost all the books in the library. I think they are really good to read."

How often do you use the school library?
"I use the library every day after school so I can read quietly."

What are you reading right now?
"I am reading A Dog's Life by Ann M. Martin. It is from the library."

Who is your favorite author?
"I like David Shayne."

Do you have a book or resource recommendation for other students?
"I like all the books I read."

Favorite library moments?
"Checking out books."

Dog's Life: The Autobiography of a Stray by Ann M. Martin.

The author offers young readers a realistic animal story told through the voice of stray puppy Squirrel. The story begins at the beginning with Squirrel's first memories of her nurturing mother who teaches Squirrel and her brother, Bone, to hunt for their food and to avoid interactions with people. This is a happy time for the puppies until their mother disappears and doesn't return. Afraid to be alone, Squirrel follows Bone out into the world, but the puppies are separated forever while traversing a busy highway. She manages to survive winter and meets Moon, another stray. The two travel together, scrounging for food, running from dogcatchers and crossing busy roads when tragedy strikes again. Alone again, Squirrel travels from town to town as she grows older and wiser. Martin's tale will pull your heartstrings while providing a satisfying and uplifting conclusion. Recommended for ages 10 and up.

Ann M. Martin, is a Newbery Honor winner and author of many books for young readers, including the Babysitter's Club series and A Corner of the Universe, a Newbery Honor Book. She lives in upstate New York.