Stephan's update

By all accounts, the Auction on Saturday evening was a great success.  Thanks to everyone who attended in support of this fine school.

Many people played important roles toward ensuring the success of this event.  We offer a special tribute to the two people who have spent countless hours orchestrating this Auction from its inception.  Co-chairs Kate Schweitzer and Mark Jones led the Auction team with their steady infusion of drive, initiative, business sense, passion, and creativity. Their tireless volunteers included: Holly Brunk, Jennifer Farmer, Joan Francis, Tonya Jones, Cheryl Meloy, Paula Prince, Matt Schweitzer, Carrie Banks, Kat Topaz and many, many others.

Kate will have a report on the auction next week.  In the meantime, Kate wants everyone to know that some opportunities still remain for people who could not attend on Saturday to contribute to the school. The Special Appeal, for example, i.e. the Gym remodelling and a new playing field, are still open for donations. Some other wonderful opportunities, including fabulous parties, can still be purchased through Kate. Watch for Kate's note here in ITK and on the auction page in the next week or so.

Well done, everyone!

New drop-off and pick-up times to begin December 1, 2008
Starting December 1st, TIS will provide improved service to parents in terms of drop-off and pick-up times, and teacher assistant (TA) help in escorting children into and out of the school.

Principal Maria Abad and the TA's and teachers have created this new schedule which also follows more correctly the school-ending time of 3:15 PM (rather than 3:00, as was taking place with the current pick-up schedule). Please see the article in this ITK's Hotlist with complete details.

Friday, November 14th:
Principal Maria reminds everyone that there will be a work day for teachers on Friday this week.  Children will not attend classes. Normal child care, however, will still be available through services of SquareGator. Families interested in having their children attend child care on Friday must register ahead of time with Square Gator.

Japanese Capstone returns
TIS welcomes back the students from the Japanese Capstone trip.  It was a most rewarding and beneficial experience for everyone! The students will be making presentations about their trip to our community in the coming months.