Administrative office hide-and-seek

The administration offices are gradually moving to their new locations.

Admissions Director Jan Williams & Business Manager Rob Timmons are now on the 1st floor of the main building. Receptionist and main-building-everything-manager Ellen Savaria will be moving down there soon at which time the main school door and reception area will officially be downstairs. (Ellen says she's not going to move without the copier, so as of 2pm Monday she's still upstairs . . .)

Now that the others have moved downstairs, I (Marketing & Communications Director Linda Bonder) have been able to safely move upstairs - into Jan's old office. I'm trying to organize an office-warming party, but it may have to be in conjunction with holiday cheer after Thanksgiving. In the mean time, please come by and say hello!

We don't all have our telephones working yet, so please be persistent if you need to reach us - or call Ellen (503-226-2496 x0) and she'll track us down.

People will offices who are not moving are:
Facilities manager Frank Bojanowski: main building middle floor, south of the library
IB & Capstone Coordinator, Erika Kohn: main building middle floor, south of the library
Principal Maria Abad: Stearns Hall
Receptionist & Marketing Asst Lauren Hostetler: Stearns Hall
Administrative Asst and, well, lots of things-manager Jhoanna Co: upstairs main bldg
Receptionist & Corbett St go-to-manager Shelley Stoye: Corbett Street
Stephan Grasmuck: that odd office at the top of the main building stairs

Linda Bonder
Marketing & Communications Director
503-226-2496 (when it gets connected)
503-753-4325 (until then)