2008 Auction Cheat Sheet

What: 13th Annual Auction

When: Saturday, November 8

Where: Montgomery Park (the old Montgomery Ward building in NW Portland)

Why: To raise much needed $$ for TIS, plus it's FUN!!!

Who: You, Grandparents, Neighbors, Friends, because it's FUN!!!

How: Buy tickets (they will available soon -- keep an eye on your
mailbox). Or volunteer to help out during the auction (as a volunteer you
will not have to purchase a ticket, but you can be present for the "Free
Tuition" Raffle).

Bonus: Auction donations, art projects, baskets, sponsorships (essentially
everything we need to put this thing together) all need to be turned in by
October 27, of course earlier is always better. We will happily accept all
contributions, nothing is too big or too small. If you are confused,
concerned, or befuddled (only about the auction), please email