Stephan Grasmuck's Update

Sloped terrain at the modular building
Last week, I wrote about the review of this sloped area between modular #1 and the playground area below. The school has undertaken an assessment of the stability of the slope. We are looking at that area from both soil erosion and seismic perspectives.

At a meeting last week, Frank Bojanowski, facilities manager, parents Elda Orr, chair of the facilities committee and Kim Marcus, committee member and Board vice president, and I talked with some of the parents interested in this project. We provided details as to what has been done and what we plan to do as we move this project forward.

We do know that the slope is stable now and that it requires some attention in the form of various plantings. Kim Marcus summarizes the status of this project so well that I shall quote from Kim as follows:

The first [task] is getting some extra vegetation on the slope to keep the soil in place which will keep everything else in place. So to that end we are starting a program that includes a jute mat and various plantings that are quick starters and will take over this fall. Plantings include a layered approach with grasses, shrubs, and trees.

The second effort is with regard to the seismic issue. TIS has hired a consultant - GeoDesign- to look into this issue. Based on their experience they came up with a work scope that looked at four main tasks.

Task 1 was to observe the slope and look for signs of imminent failure. They did that and the evidence indicated to them that there was no imminent danger.

Task 2 is to drill some holes on the slope to determine several things:

  • depth and type of fill

  • competency of the fill

  • depth and types of native soil

  • thickness of variations in the native soils (layers of clay, silt, or sand)

  • depth to groundwater or perched layers

  • amount of groundwater if encountered

  • soil parameters (grain size, distribution, sorting, etc.)

Task 3 is to perform lab work on the samples that are collected from the borings. That work will include:

  • triaxial shear

  • bearing capacity

  • soil friction

  • moisture content

  • density test

Task 4 is an analysis of the data and preparation of a report. In that report they will analyze slope stability and provide stabilization recommendations, if necessary.

We shall provide a link on our website showing the time line of work undertaken to date and our projections for the work that lies ahead on this project. That link will be posted shortly, as soon as we have further information.

On behalf of this school community, I want to acknowledge and thank again the members of the facility committee who have devoted so generously of their time and expertise to this particular undertaking. The committee continues to work on many other facilities projects as well. We shall provide an overview of those by creating a link on our website as soon as possible.

Medical procedures policy
We are in the process of formalizing school policy as to how we manage accidents, allergic reactions, etc. as they occur at school. Ellen Savaria is working with me as we contact the public health officials and experts within our own parent body to guide us in establishing best practice in this area for the school.

Corbett Playground
We are moving forward as quickly as we can with the playground construction project. The delays we are experiencing come as a result of the permit process. Frank Bojanowski continues to work diligently with the city so that we can commence work on this important component of the Corbett facility.

Please read through the auction materials very carefully. Kate and Mark are working hard as we near the auction date. We need your support to make this event another great success for the school.