Chinese Proficiency Tests - sign-ups

Chinese Track TIS students in k-4th can volunteer to take the Chinese government's YCT (Young Learners' Test), and 5th graders can volunteer to take the HSK (Chinese Proficiency Test - Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi).  In past years many TIS 5th graders have taken and passed the HSK, and last year we had students in 2nd-4th grade take and pass the YCT.

Students who want to take test need to talk to their homeroom teacher first right away. That teacher will collect registration forms and then give to Hong Shentu. The homeroom teacher may spend some time doing the sample test and reviewing, if her class time permits.

TIS must have all registration forms in by early November. The tests will be administered at PSU on Sunday December 7.

The Chinese Government's Young Learners Chinese Test (YCT) is a test for non-native Chinese learners under the age of 15. The HSK test serves as a requirement to enter university in China as an undergraduate student. It is used by employers in China for positions requiring basic competence in Chinese, and is likened to the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) in the United States.

Hong Shentu
Chinese Track Lead Teacher