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Last Day of School: Wear TIS Gear!

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The last day of school is on Wednesday!  Please have your child wear a TIS shirt!  

  • LowK Parents: Your child can wear anything you or they prefer for the LowK promotion ceremony. They will be given special t shirts to wear after that. :)
  • Looking for gear? Check out our Sidewalk Clearance Sale! Lots of awesome branded shirts, umbrellas, jackets, and more will be available at both the EC Campus (check with Nurys!) and on the sidewalk by Stearns Hall during dismissal. Some are as cheap as $2!!

Click here for a list of activities for the day! 

Introducing the TIS Owl!

Please say hello to the official TIS mascot! TIS student winners Eden K, Maia G, and Katherine W worked with designer Frances Ellenberger to come up with a mascot that they are very proud of. Some of the elements that were important to them included having open wings, being realistic-looking (not overly cartoonish), and being friendly.

The TIS mascot is for school spirit. It will be used around campus such as on posters in the hall, on t shirts, etc. It will not replace our school logo, which will remain our school name with the globe and “kids." The mascot was voted on by our school community. We are so happy that our student winners were able to come together and design something that they are all proud of!


TIS & Reed College Student Host Program

The Office of International Student Services at Reed College has teamed up with The International School to seek interested families to participate in a Host Family Program for international students and language scholars.  The Host Family Program is a non-residential friendship program. The goal is to introduce international students and scholars new to Reed  to a local family who will befriend them, introduce them to the local community, support their student or scholar's experience at Reed, and enjoy the opportunity for cultural exchange.  

While a non-residential hosting program, families seek to provide a "home away from home" for students whose families are often very far away and often play an important part in helping international students adjust to Reed and the U.S.  The relationship begins when families and students and scholars communicate over the summer and coordinate welcoming their student or scholar to Portland by picking them up from the airport, bringing them to campus, and helping them settle into their residence halls.  During the school year, host families and students/scholars establish and define a relationship that works for both sides. 

Most get together at least once per month, and the International Student Services office also organizes three structured on-campus events to bring international visitors and their host families together as a group.  We will likely host an event or two at TIS as well, and enable the Reed students to visit our classes to share about their cultures. 

To learn more about the program and to apply, please visit here (The June 1 deadline has been extended for TIS families). For further questions, please contact Dana Lawson at International Student Services at iss@reed.edu.  Please be sure to mention that you are a family with The International School!

Please pick up your child's medications!

Please remember to pick up your child's medications from Nurys at EC or at the Stearns Hall front desk. This includes all Inhalers, Spacers, Epi-pens, Claritin, Benadryl, etc. TIS cannot store medications over the summer or for summer camp.  If your child is attending summer camp you must re-check in the medications with summer camp. Medications that are not picked up will be discarded on Wednesday June 14th at 4:00pm

Please remember to take home your child's comfort kit.  They are stored in each classroom in a black bin.  Check with the teacher if you are unsure of its location.


Lost & Found Reminder

Please be sure to check the Lost and Found located inside of Stearns Hall, Hilltop building and the EC Campus! There are more than 50 items that are overflowing from the bin and the rack on the Main Campus alone! The items not picked up by WEDNESDAY will be donated to a charitable organization.

Room Parent Opportunities

Photo by Ildiko Arndt Smith

Photo by Ildiko Arndt Smith

Room parenting is a great opportunity to get to know your fellow parents, get to know the teachers better, and help make great experiences for the kids! As with last year, we're asking people to sign up now and through the summer, then when class assignments are made the week before school starts, we'll ensure that we have room parents for every class. See intlschool.org/room-parents for the "job" description, and intlschool.org/rp-signup to sign up.

Questions about room parenting? Feel free to reach out to Kat Simons (Kats@intlschool.org), current room parents, or our current Room Parent Lead, Margaret Wu (mwu2@comcast.net)

Mark your Calendars - TIS Summer Events!

Join the TIS community for several fun, family-friendly events this summer:

  • Berry Picking on Sauvie Island - Sat July 1, 9:30am-noon: All families are invited to pick berries and socialize at Bella Organic Farms on Sauvie Island.
  • Community Hike - Sat Aug 5, 9:30am: Join fellow TIS families for an easy-paced hike led by TIS parent and staffer Lisa Olivares. More details to come shortly!
  • PreK & LowK Playdate - Sat Aug 26, 10am-12pm: A special event for our preschool families at Sellwood Park. This is a great opportunity to meet other preschool families, both new and returning.
  • Kindergarten Playdate - Sun Aug 27, 10am-12pm: A special event for our Kindergarten families at Sellwood Park. This is a great opportunity to meet other Kindergarten families, both new and returning.

More information about each event will be sent out in a separate email later this month. For now, mark your calendars!

Congratulations, TIS walkers and bicyclists!!

Bike/walk to school challenge month is complete, and we put up some pretty impressive numbers! Remember, there were 22 school days in May, so a perfect record would be 22 round trips, or 44 total trips. Since we only had one walker this year (Yea, Lorelei!), we decided to award the two big prizes to an over all winner and runner up.

Overall winners, with 44 trips completed, are Tess W, with her dedicated parents, Eric and Kristen.  Together, they:

-avoided 308 miles in a car by cycling to school and back every school day in May.
-avoided using 15.4 gallons of gas
-reduced carbon dioxide by 308 pounds - Equivalent to carbon sequestered by 3.5 tree seedlings grown for ten years. 

Thank you for helping our planet stay healthy! Tess was awarded a pack of TIS spirit gear. Your bottles of Rose and Organic Root Beer awaits you at the Stearns Hall front office.

2nd place goes to Eva L, and her pedal happy parents, Bryan and Julie, with a total of 36 trips completed!  Your two large bottles of Breakside beer and rootbeer are waiting for you at the Stearns Hall front office.

Other accomplishments worth celebrating:
Action M, Chase M, Bitsy C, Lila G, Sadie E, Lola and Ryder M, and Lorelei J each had over 20 trips in May!

Max S and Bean V pedaled themselves over 4.5 miles each way to school nearly every day all year long! Spencer P again finished each of his many bicycle rides to school by pedaling up Hilltop hill by himself!

Hopefully that inner sense of peace, fitness, and glory will last throughout the lovely summer months to help stoke that fantastic feeling of fossil fuel freedom for the fall! :) Thanks for participating. Have a wonderful Summer. Hope to see you in the bike lane!

Chris Ginnocchio - TIS Bike & Walk Challenge Coordinator

School's Out Oaks Park Reminder

Thank you to all who pre-registered to attend the Parent Network hosted School's Out Party at Oaks Amusement Park on June 14th.  We look forward to seeing over 400 TIS kids and parents there!  ADULTS can pick up pre-ordered ride bracelets for themselves and their kids at Picnic Area #3 near the parking lot at the South end of the midway anytime beginning at 10:30am!  The park closes at 3:00pm. Ticket booths and concessions stands will NOT be open so plan accordingly!  We will ride RAIN or SHINE! Let's all wear BLUE AND WHITE (TIS shirts are great) to show school spirit!! 

We still really need volunteers to help with check-in and pizza serving at this event!  Shifts are 45 minutes so if you can share kiddo supervision with another parent and join our jolly crew of helpers, please email Heidi ASAP! (see below). 

If you have any questions about this event, please contact Heidi Evans at parentnetwork@intlschool.org.  

English or Japanese One on One Tutoring

Substitute teacher Vicky Umene is offering tutoring services this summer. Online or In Person!

  • Masters in Education, BA in Psychology, and California Multiple Subject Teaching Credential ALL from UC Berkeley.
  • 9+ years experience specializing in K to 12th grade one-on-one instructions.   
  • TIS PreK-5 Substitute teacher for English and Japanese.

For more information, please contact Vicky at: millionsmile114@gmail.com