Daily Logistics

Arrival to Global Kids Extended-day Program

All students will be picked up from their classrooms at 3:10pm and escorted to their Global Kids activity location. If your student is enrolled in a 3rd Party Class, the provider will pick them up from their classroom after school. If your child is enrolled in Global Kids Block 2, the 3rd party provider will bring them to Global Kids at 5:15pm.

and Sign-out

To ensure student safety, each day ALL enrolled students must sign-in upon arrival to the program and must be signed out by an authorized adult.

  • Sign out is located at the Global Kids front desk in Stearns Hall.
  • Please make sure the person picking up your child brings their photo ID so we can verify that each child is released to an adult that you authorized in Campsite. Please make sure you list at least three adults on your authorized pick up list who could pick up your child in the event that you can not make it by 6:00pm when the program closes to avoid late pick-up fees.

Late Pick-up

  • Late Pick-up after Global Kids Closes- Children picked up after Global Kids closes (6:00pm on regular schedule days) will be billed a late fee of $5 per 5 minutes, rounded up. If you will be late, please call Global Kids Program ASAP to let them know your estimated time of arrival at 503-226-2496 x 100 or call 503-380-2322 until you reach a staff member.
  • Late pick-up after Block 1- If your child is scheduled for Block 1 dismissal at 5:15pm, please notify Global Kids staff immediately if you will be late to pick up your child. If you arrive later than 5:15pm, your family will be billed at the hourly drop-in rate for Block 2.


Please notify us if your child will be absent from Global Kids Extended-day Program by 2:00 pm each day by email at attendance@intlschool.org. Students may not switch scheduled days or attend program on days they are not enrolled in Global Kids to make up for days they were absent.


Healthy snacks will be provided during Global Kids. 3rd party classes may or may not provide snacks to students. Please ensure that your food allergy information is up to date in Campsite and with the School Health and Safety Coordinator.

Water Bottles

Drinking water is an important part of a healthy diet and is especially important on hot days. Please send your child with a refillable water bottle, labeled with their name, to Global Kids every day so that they can have access to water throughout the day.