Continuous Learning Program

Although The International School’s physical campus is temporarily closed, the learning progresses for our students. Our Continuous Learning Program began for all students on March 16th. Our teachers engage their students with learning experiences that will draw on previous experiences and continue our planned program, while utilizing technology at an age-appropriate level.

What does Continuous Learning Look Like?

Although this looks somewhat different than what we are used to, we continue to draw on inquiry-based learning and language immersion as we focus on the development of relevant concepts, skills, and knowledge.

Teachers provide a balance of on-screen and off-screen tasks to their students. Take a look at the slideshow below to see what we are up to!

Action Projects and #TISTogether

Every Friday, our school community focuses on Action projects that can help support those in need or to extend our learning beyond our computers and ourselves.  No matter how small, we encourage students, families, and staff members to share about the actions that they are taking to help make our community a better place.

Have they made someone smile? Have they done some extra help in the house? Have they helped your neighbor get groceries? Have they sent a drawing to the trash collector? Have they written to their Senator about something they could change? Together, we can get through this challenging time!

Call for Action

Community Response

Feedback about Continuous Learning

I continue to be impressed with the content the teachers come up with and their creativity during this time. My favorite moments from this week were seeing my boys engage in one-on-one lessons with their teachers and hearing them speak Japanese!”

I have really found that the individual 1:1 sessions with the teachers and TAs even for 15 minutes at a time, have been really helpful in helping the kids review the concepts taught in the group lessons and really solidify their learning.”

I’d like to thank the teachers and staff for how hard they are working to pull this together for our kids. I know it’s a lot of work and they are doing a great job! I’m grateful for the efforts TIS is making to keep our kids learning and grounded in a school schedule as much as possible.”

Coach David’s PE session was really fun and engaging. And his second-step was emphatic and superb. … [My son] enjoyed his own teachers and coach speaking to him. So thank you. It was screen time worth spending.”

I like and more importantly my son loves 2nd grade morning meeting … [His teacher] is calm, caring and explicitly teaching the class. Her mini-lessons for the learning focus are thoughtful and bite-size enough for parents to structure and do with kids at home and have enough for my son to have to think and learn.”

I love the Low-K afternoon 5-minute check in. We call it our daughter’s special time with the teacher, and she is always so proud of what she can do. Teachers are so encouraging to her.”

Thanks for working to make this process better each week! We’re so thankful for all of the TIS staff and teachers!!!!!!”

We appreciate the outpouring of support from our TIS education leadership team and affirmation of the hard work our faculty and staff alike are doing each day to keep us connected. We will endure not just through the weeks to come, but to the end of the school year and beyond because our children matter. As Global Citizens the students are the future leaders we will depend on for the generations to follow us. We believe wholeheartedly— as the founders of the school did 30 years ago—that this vision is truly inspiring and we are worthy of working together to ensure we see these challenges through. TIS Together is here and now, and how we engage fully matters. We commit to live TIS values wholeheartedly to support our learning community.”