March 16, 2015: Music

Hello PreK Families! We are wrapping up our collaborative unit on "How We Express Ourselves." One of our final activities includes watching a video of sand art. In the video, the pictures being drawn represent China's history. The first time we watch this video I mute the sound and let the children dictate what they are seeing as the pictures morph into new shapes. I then pause the film and ask the kids how they feel. A lot of them say interested or happy. Then we watch the film a second time, only this time I let the music play. It is fun to see how the students faces and remarks change as they describe it as angry or scary. The students have been doing a fairly good job recognizing that the music is really what made the biggest change and that music can really impact the way we feel.

I then give the students scarves. They pretend this is their own sand that they can use to create an ever changing picture. I play music for them and pause every once in awhile to see what is currently in their picture. I love hearing how their pictures are changing with the music. There are a lot more lions and sea monsters during the angry music verses princesses and dolphins during the happy music. Another fun event coming up is our visiting artist. He will be here next week to do a fun performance about emotions and how we should use them. It is an exciting wrap up to a fun unit. I hope you have a wonderful day!

Kami Richards
EC Music Teacher