Feb 6, 2015: Music

    Hello, PreK Families! I am currently collaborating with the homeroom teachers on their "How We Express Ourselves Unit." This unit is a way for us to work on being able to express our emotions through music. I first demonstrated this idea by singing and playing the drum while the students had to guess what I was feeling inside. When they guessed correctly we would then talk about if I told them I was sad, happy, etc. or did something else show them how I felt? It has been wonderful to see different students really grasp this idea and develop it with their own vocal intonations and instrumental gestures.  
    Other ways we have explored this idea is with the song "If You're Happy and You Know It." Throughout this song we replace "happy" with different emotions and our actions demonstrate what the children like to do when they feel mad, scared, etc. Most recently we have added in the dancing aspect and how to convey different emotions through dance. Of course, this is just a brief snap shot of our day as we do a lot of other activities. I also have some exciting news, the PreK classes will have a guest artist visiting right before Spring Break! His name is Rick Huddle and he engages the students with music and activities to help them understand and express their emotions. I am very excited! I hope y'all have a wonderful day!

- Kami Richards