Feb 6, 2015: Library

PreK started the year with a new unit on "Emotions" where they learned we have many different feelings and we can express our emotions in many different ways. During the library class, we read My Many Colored Days by Dr. Seuss and discussed how colors are used to express emotions and feelings.

The colors and illustrations on each page are associated with animals as they express different moods and feelings. For example, "Red is a horse kicking up its heels."  "Brown is a bear, slow and low." "On a happy pink day, he's a flamingo!" "On black days, he becomes a howling wolf."

We also played "How Does This Make You Feel?" A game where each student picks a card that shows different scenarios or items and then expresses that feeling with facial expressions and through identifying colors. You can also play this game at home!

- Tamara Beecroft, Librarian