Dec 19, 2014: Music

Happy Holidays! PreK has been feeling festive lately as we explore different ways to play jingle bells and move our bodies like the music. This means that when we hear music from the Nutcracker our bodies might be slow and, when we listen to “Jingle Bell Rock” our bodies move quickly.  This month’s rhythmic poem is called, “Gingerbread Man.” This poem is about making gingerbread cookies and at the end of the poem we pretend to eat all of our cookies.  The kids love to tell me how many thousands of cookies they ate. A game that the students keep requesting every week is “Star Light, Star Bright.”  This is basically hide and seek in the dark. Students sing the song and when it is over they get to look for each other with flashlights. This game is a really big hit and it allows them to repeat the song twenty times without getting bored.  We have been using a lot of books this month and yet, I will only mention my favorite called, The Red Sled. This book, instead of words, has vocal sounds. It allows students to do vocal exploration while using these sounds to bring a story to life.  PreK is growing every day and I can only imagine how much they will change over the break. I hope y’all have a wonderful break and that you get to enjoy time with your family and friends.

- Kami Richards, Music Specialist