11/14/2014: Music

Hello! PreK is really doing a great job as we work on our musical skills. Lately we have been working on a rhythmic poem titled “5 Little Bats in the Bathtub.” I love this poem because it works with two types of body percussion, rhythmic competency, following musical phrases and counting. Other activities have included a variety of percussion instruments, singing “Slippery Fish” and playing “London Bridges.” One of our November games is to sing “Six Little Turkeys” while only moving on the word, “Gobble,” The children are doing a great job listening and of course they are adorable walking around like turkeys. Our book this week is called “Creepy Crawly Calypso.” Normally I sing the books but this week we are listening to the CD that came with the book because it gives the children a chance to hear the difference between different instruments such as the marimba and the saxophone.  On a side note, I am headed to a professional development conference this week.  I am very excited as I hope to learn some new activities and teaching methods that I can bring back into the classroom and use to enrich your child’s experience.  I hope you have a wonderful November!

Kami Richards
EC Music Teacher