March 20, 2015: Music

Hello LowK Families! These past few weeks we have been trying to incorporate a few more silly movement songs. Some of these include Popcorn in the Popper, Hurry, Hurry Drive The Fire Truck and Go Bananas. A more classic children's song we have been doing is Row, Row, Row Your Boat. During this activity the children pretend to sit in a boat with a partner and rock back and forth to the the beat while singing. They are doing a wonderful job feeling the beat and being careful with their partner's body. The children are really getting into these songs and it is a nice way to practice rhythmically staying together while getting out our sillies.

I also have been bringing in a xylophone lately. The students used this instrument to practice high/low voices, improvisation and proper use of mallets. One of the games we did required the children to listen to each pitch and make a shape based off of what they were hearing. If it was a low pitch then their bodies were close to the ground and if it was a high pitch then their bodies were in a high position. I think I'll wrap up this newsletter and yet, I hope ya'll are able to do something fun over Spring Break and have a wonderful day!  

Kami Richards
EC Music Teacher