Feb 15, 2015: Music

Hello LowK and welcome to February! We have been stacking potatoes and trying to not run into walls lately. Let me explain, the children have learned the chant, "One Potato, Two Potato" and with this chant we play a little partner game where the students have to turn their hands into fists and stack them on top of their partner's hands. This is a great way for us to practice beat, speaking rhythmically while moving hands and also, working with a partner.

Fairly recently, I stumbled across the idea that when a student is looking for a partner what they are really searching for his someone to help them learn and practice music. This personal discovery has led our classroom in a better direction. Previously the students would ask if someone could be there partner and now they say, "Will you help me learn music, please?" I think this is very helpful in keeping the focus on music as well as helping students avoid the pitfall of only choosing their friends.

Another recent activity is with the classic nursery rhyme "Cobbler, Cobbler." The students have to walk in a straight line until they hear the triangle then they change direction and walk in a new straight line. The triangle is only sounded at the end of every musical phrase which means sometimes the children have to walk in place if they come across something in their path. This is only a short snapshot of some of the things we have been doing lately. I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine's Day!

Kami Richards
EC Music Teacher