Jan 9, 2015: Music

Happy New Year! I hope you had a nice break. I am certainly hearing a bunch of wonderful stories from the children about all of the fun they had over the two weeks. LowK has begun doing star dances this week. A star dance is meant to teach the children how to include their hands, which are the stars, in their dancing as well as work on matching tempo and mood. We are also singing songs and doing dances to "A Tisket A Tasket," and "Here Comes a Bluebird."  

As we gradually get back into our work load, we brought out my little bee. He is a stuffed animal that sings "silly songs." These songs are actually ways to play with vocal exploration so the children explore their vocal range by creating siren sounds or twirling sounds. The kids also love giving him a hug. During the hug game the kids work on vocal chanting and steady beat. One of our final activities for this week is echoing. I sing, play, clap or stomp something and see if students can follow my sequence and hear the change in pitches. We are working hard to hear how melodies change and to be aware of rhythmic components whether it be with body percussion or instruments. LowK has done such a wonderful job this week and I am excited for what is to come! Have a great day!

- Kami Richards