Jan 9, 2015: Art

Hello, famlies, and welcome back! 2015 will be a year filled with sculpture making, environmental art, and loads of fun!

LowK is starting the year by drawing "George" again- but this time, they are using this beloved wooden figure to design a person who is really important to them. They'll start to build their designs next week, adding the base structure, flesh, and paper clothes in the next several classes.

We will be talking about the process of visual communication by brainstorming about how we can tell all about the person we are building by adding visual "clues"- For example, if a student is making a veterinarian, some visual clues might include pets in cages or in casts, a stethoscope, treats for the pets...etc.

I am really happy to see each of my students' progress and very excited to see what they will come up with in this unit! Happy 2015 and I will see you around campus!

- Carolina Barros