5/1/2014: Music


PreK has been playing with xylophones and daffodils as spring is in full bloom around us. The children have been doing some creative dancing to music that changes tempo multiple times throughout the song so that we practice fast and slow. Our creative movement has also included a cute rhythmic poem where the students listen to the poem and make shapes based off of what they hear.

Even on days that do not feel very spring like the children have been singing, “All Around the Daffodils” while passing bouquets of daffodils to each other. “The Farmer Plants the Seed” is a fun scarf game where we act out the process of growing and eating plants. Bringing in the xylophone has been a great experience as each child gets a chance to explore the instrument and hear the high and low sounds.

A game that we reviewed this past week was “This is the Way We Cross the Street” where students learn to stop, look and listen before crossing the road. It is an engaging game that also reinforces counting, safety and patience.

I hope ya’ll have a great week!