Nov 21, 2014: Music

Happy Friday! My LowK classes are an enthusiastic and wonderful group! Our current central idea is that we learn about music through exploration and play which is why we try to keep all our activities as fun games. We have been playing a couple of games with bean bags. One of these involves passing bean bags on the beat while chanting the poem “Aka Baka Soda Cracker.”  This game develops beat, and memorization as well as allowing us to do vocal explorations as we chant the poem in a silly voice, high voice or my favorite, no voice. Not using the voice gives students a chance to say the poem in their heads which of assists with silent reading skills and pitch retention.  Another bean bag game we play is the Bean Bag Bop which is a fun song that we dance to and use to practice our listening skills.  

During instruments we have been using the song  1, 2, Buckle My Shoe and only playing on the number words. The prep for this activity is teaching the whole body to not move until the proper time.  To accomplish this task we have been singing 6 Little Turkeys and only moving on the word “gobble.” I am having a lot of fun with this grade and I hope this gives you a taste of what happens in our classroom. I hope ya’ll have a great break!

- Kami Richards