Music News from Kami - 11/27

PreK music is getting ready for the end of November with lots of Thanksgiving fun! We have been working on our lovely singing voices with songs like “Six Little Turkeys That I Once Knew” and “Where Is Pumpkin?”  These songs allow us to work on pitch matching, memorization, musical gestures as well as, emotional expression, steady beat and holiday fun!   Students have also been working on rhythmic components.  On instruments, students will echo the rhythmic patterns I play and we have been practicing rhythmic poems like, “Driver, Driver” which is about a crazy driver who ends up losing 4 little turkeys. A favorite in October was “5 Little Pumpkins” so this month we are learning to compare and contrast our musical phrases with “5 Little Turkeys.” Thanksgiving is approaching fast and then we will be into a world of musical snowflakes and winter wonderlands! Stay tuned!