May 11, 2015: Music

       Hello Kindergarten :).  These past few weeks have been busy and a lot of fun! The children have been playing and singing to the classic song A Hunting We Will Go. This song explains that a fox is caught, put in a box, and then let go. The kids are so wonderful as some of them carry scarf tails and others pretend to be scientist who catch a fox and then release it into the wild.
       My favorite activity is a European dance called The Chimes of Dunkirk. This is one that even the first graders request to do again. The students get to clap, stomp and twirl with their partners before sashaying down the line. One of our instrument activities is where I set out some unique and special instruments. The students jump from one instrument to the next while I sing Green Sally Up and whenever I stop singing they get  a chance to explore and play the instrument in front of them.

Kami Richards
EC Music Teacher