April 3, 2015: Music

Hello and welcome to Spring, Kindergarten! I hope everyone had a wonderful Spring Break. We are easing back into our routine with some fun movement activities. Songs like Popcorn in the Popper and Bananas. The kids and I joke that our song list sounds more like lunch than music class and yet, the songs help us practice rhythm, form and movement.  An engaging mental twister we started doing has been to stand in a circle where everyone is facing inward. Then without letting go of each other hands, singing the song Shoo Fly, one leader will try to lead the rest of the group into a circle that faces outward. The children are doing a great job being careful with each others bodies, singing, and mentally solving the puzzle. During our instrument time the children are working on a poem called Drum's Birthday. This activity teaches the names of instruments, taking turns, and gives the students a chance to be an independent musician and not just rely on the class. This is a wonderful season and I hope ya'll have a wonderful day!

Kami Richards
EC Music Teacher