Feb 22, 2015: Music

Hello Kinder Families! I hope you are doing well. Valentine's Day has passed but not before we were able to have a little musical fun. We learned the partner dance, "Heel Toe." This song is a big hit every year. It incorporates the central idea of their current unit as well as involves singing, dancing and changing partners.  In the instrument area, Kindergarten has been working to expand musical vocabulary with instrument games like, "What Do You Hear?" and "Follow the Conductor." The first game allows one child to play a hidden instrument and the others guess by using the proper name of the instrument. "Follow the Conductor" allows children to explore and use improvisation while also practicing dynamics and the appropriate vocabulary used to describe these musical ideas.

We have also done a fun listening activity where the children have to hear a high, middle and low pitch. Then their actions reflect the pitch that they heard. For example, if they hear the high pitch they jump up and down but if they hear the low pitch they have to crawl around on their hands and knees. They are working hard and I am amazed by every class. They are wonderful cupcakes! (Feel free to ask your child why I think they are a musical cupcake. They should be able to explain.) Have a good day!

Kami Richards
EC Music Teacher