Jan 16, 2015: Music

Happy January, Kinder! It is definitely starting to feel like we are back in the groove of school.  This is one of my favorite times of the year because my music curriculum supports the homeroom unit. The students will be exploring music from different cultures and in different languages. Our most challenging piece at the moment is a hand clapping game from Indonesia called, "Gamsut." The ending is the same as "Rock, Paper, Scissors." This is an exciting revelation for the children to realize that kids in other countries have different versions of games we already know.

We are also doing body percussion to the Morroccan song "A Ram Sam Sam" and learning a simple dance by an Australian choreographer. One of our final activities is watching a video that displays the meaning of "Fais Do Do" in a cartoon style. It is great to have the students listen to the French words sung by a native speaker while depicting the meaning through the use of colorful pictures. That's just a short peak into our music room. I hope you have a wonderful day! 

- Kami Richards