October 24, 2014: Music

Hello and Happy October!

Kindergarten is off to a good start this year.  It is very exciting that we are in the music room in Stearns Hall. This location is opening up a lot of opportunities for instruments, movement and collaboration.  We are still practicing basic classroom routines such as removing our shoes at the beginning of class and treating everything and everyone with respect.  We start every class with some sort of dancing or moving activity. This helps the students focus on music, creativity and, of course, gets some of their wiggles out. Throughout the lesson we do a mixture of sitting and standing activities in order to create an optimal learning environment.

These past few weeks we have done the Little Bird Dance, Spider Dance and some improvisational dancing with scarves.  Other activities include hand clapping games such as Hot Cross Buns, marching and clapping to the beat and, vocalizations with stuffed animals. My classroom involves some form of singing every day and lately we have been working on a challenging piece I like to do with the kids each year called I’m a Nut. This is a silly song that involves singing, hand gestures, and complex rhythms.  The children are doing a great job! Another musical element in our class would be all of the instruments. We have been working with non-pitched percussion instruments for a while now and yet, this week we just added the xylophones!  My students are wonderful and I am very excited for this year!

Kami Richards
EC Music Teacher