October 24, 2014: Library

Kindergarteners are full of excitement and a joy for reading that is really unmatched in later years. My goal is to nurture this as long as possible.  The library is a place for learning and discovery.  We read stories, learn library skills and basic literary elements.  Kinders visit the library weekly for 30 minutes. Students may check out one book at a time.  You will notice that sometimes your child brings home an English book and sometimes a book in his/her target language. It may even happen that your child brings home a book in another target language because the pictures are so interesting.  This is developmentally appropriate; indeed research shows that self-selection is key to developing a love for reading in the long term.  Parents are welcome to borrow more books after school to read at home with your children!

In case you missed it, here is a link to the letter sent home with your child in his/her library book bag last month.  Thank you to TIS parent Wendie Martin for donating the library book bags.

The TIS Library Reading Challenge begins Nov. 3!  This year's theme is Across Time and Culture.  More information will be coming home with your child the last week of October.

The TIS Library has its own website where you can access PYP resources and ebooks, and find out about library policies and the latest library happenings.

The Scholastic Reading Club is accessible online at any time.  Purchases benefit the library and classrooms.

I am available to answer questions or to help you and your child find great books!

Tamara Beecroft