October 24, 2014: Art

Hello Kinder families!

The kinder classes have been working on their observational skills in art. Many of them now use the phrase “catching lines” to talk about drawing the lines they see. They have been practicing “catching” only the lines that they can see in front of them. They have used clipboards to wander around the room and work on their observational drawings.

We also did a project based on Matisse’s paper cutouts- we explored using color to bring out intensity in our art and pretended to have an “impairment” just as Matisse did later in life with his arthritis. Students were only given paper, scissors and glue to create their cutouts (without drawing shapes first). The results were so original and creative. I haven’t sent any artwork home, as I would like to show everything to Carolina but you will probably see some of this artwork soon.

We are now starting our work on self-portraits. This week we are using mirrors to practice the proportions of our facial features.

Carolina will be back from maternity leave on Monday and next week we will be teaching side by side to help with the transition. I have reminded all of the students that this will be happening. I will certainly miss working with all the LowK-1st graders! It’s been such an enriching, wonderful experience.

Many thanks,
Deanna Sundberg