May 22, 2015: Music

Hello First Grade Families! These last few weeks of school are going to be spent on learning to express ourselves through instruments, lyrics and dance. This week we have taken a verse from the song Over in the Ocean and created performances based off of the song. The students are allowed to get into small groups and discuss what instruments, form and overall structure they want. After collaborating, the children are allowed to pick almost any instrument in the room and begin the exploration process of designing their own performance. All that I ask is for kind words, dancing and singing voices. It has been a lot of fun to see the uniquely beautiful works they have created. In the near future, we will be doing a similar process to our Japanese song Hotaru Koi where the students will create a dance and add instrumentation to accompany our simple melody. I am having so much fun with all of these classes and I am sad to see the year coming to a close so quickly. These children are wonderful!

Kami Richards
EC Music Teacher