April 19, 2015: Library

Author and illustrator Arthur Dorros visited TIS on April 9!  He talked about his books and storytelling. The first graders loved his story Alligator Shoes and his funny masks! If you would like to check out one of his books, many are available in the TIS Library.


First graders will be Reading Across the Genres for the remainder of the school year.  Your child will be encouraged to check out a book in the genre we are studying that week.  As the students develop into independent readers, they will have a taste for the different types of literature of interest to them.  Expect to see fairy tales, non-fiction, poetry, mysteries, realistic fiction, fantasy, historical fiction, and biographies. This will keep them reading and exploring!

April is National Poetry Month so we explored this genre during library classes this week.  First graders connect to humorous and rhyming poetry as well as anything to do with animals! If you would like to explore some great poetry websites with your child, click here.

 Arthur Dorros, in disguise

Tamara Beecroft