March 4, 2015: Music

Hello First Grade Families! I am so proud of how hard the kids are working on reading rhythmic notation. We are playing games like "Pass the Message" where kids have to pass along a rhythmic message by patting the backs of their team members. The child at the end of the line then writes down the rhythmic dictation and the team has me check it to see if they are correct or not. Some classes were so excited that they openly cheered after each answer was revealed. I love this game because it not only has kids reading and writing music but it also had kids practicing the gross motor skills it takes to play a steady rhythm.

The kids have been moving and singing to songs like, "Oats and Beans and Barley Grow." This is a song and dance we have done in the past and yet, I am hoping to encourage more independence by revisiting and letting them lead the song and dance as I step back. I have to mention a fun dance we did from Sweden called, "Fjaskern." The dance steps are not very complicated and yet, the song steadily gets faster. The kids have a lot of fun working with partners and trying to keep up with the ever increasing tempo. Once again, this is just a snapshot of our room. I am looking forward to parent-teacher conferences coming up soon and getting to share even more with you! Have a wonderful day!

Kami Richards
EC Music Teacher