March 4, 2015: Art

First graders are studying the origins of the Brazilian coil pinch pots, which started as animal spirit guides to the Natives as a means of protection.
When the Portuguese arrived, they adopted the coil pinch pot style  of the Natives but changed the animal guide  to a Portuguese traditional  folklore which involves a bull (Bumba-Meu-Boi). This folklore story is retold time and again in the north of Brazil.
Students have looked at various examples of this style of sculpture and decided to make an animal or mythological creature which is important to them. They are very excited to be working with real red clay and glazing their sculptures.
They are also learning about both Visual as well as Perceived Texture, and revisiting the idea of patterns. All in all, we are having loads of fun this month!

Carolina Barros
Early Childhood Art Specialist