Music: 2/27/2014


Kinder is beginning to work on filling in musical spaces with color and creating accompaniment ostinati. We are singing and dancing to a familiar tune, Bow Wow Wow, while also figuring out the beat, the way the words go (rhythm) and how to put an ostinato and musical color into the song. Dances include some Irish step dancing moves as well as the Canadian dance Les Saluts

Our book this week is a great addition to their unit on animals and the right conditions they need to survive. The book is called The Rainforest Grew All Around, and is a fun song about animals and plants that live in the rainforest.

Instruments are starting to include the xylophone and contrabass as students continue working on their mallet skills. We are also talking about our IB profile and the characteristics that we need to display in our classrooms such as being caring, open-minded, principled and being a risk-taker. We are working hard.

Have a great day!