Dec 12, 2014: Music

      Hello and Happy Holidays! First grade is feeling the excitement of the seasonJ. In the midst of this excitement, we performed a show for our homeroom teachers last week.  The show consisted of adding instrumentation to the book Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes.  The children had to play their individual parts while singing. They all did a great job! Other musical skills we have started to practice are composing and improvisation. For example, students are learning to read rhythms and write music notes. This is a skill we will continue to practice once we are back from the break.

       An improvisation game we recently played is based on “The Farmer in the Dell.” The children each get a turn to change the lyrics while everyone else sings and keeps the steady beat.  It was great to see all the quick thinkers that are in class and of course, the change of lyrics almost always brought about some laughter.  The final activity I will mention is one that involves listening. This game is very challenging because it requires students to pick out specific instruments and then remember what those instruments are signaling. We call it the “Robot Game” because two students turn into blind Robots. The robots must close their eyes and they can only move when they hear their instruments. It is very hard at first and yet, the students quickly pick up on it and generally become addicted.  I hope y’all have a wonderful break and I will talk to you next year!

- Kami Richards, Music Specialist