April 26, 2015: PE

As we continue to build our running endurance towards 2 miles, this week the distance we are running is 1.25 miles (10 laps).  Many still walk and run, this is fine for second grade.  Walking and walking and stopping and walking is not acceptable as they have been working on building endurance for quite some time.  A normal walk around our circuit is measured right at two minutes and thirty seconds.  This is not a heroic pace.  It translates to 20 minutes for an 8 lap 'mile'.  Here is an example of one second grade class.   Last week they were asked to run 8 laps.  This week they were asked to run 10 laps.

Here, side by side are the two times at the 8 lap mark.  The first time is at the end of the whole run, the second time is at the 8 lap mark out of 10 laps.

Runner:   Time one           Time two
1                    10:04                    12:30
2                    12:08                    12:08
3                    14:54                    11:24
4                    16:36                    16:12
5                    13:19                    16:54
6                    15:32                    16:12
7                    15:08                    16:54
8                    16:30                    21:43
9                    19:50                    --absent--
10                  20:08                    DNF  means, did not finish.   This runner was well below the 20 minute mile or simply stopped running.
11                  15:22                    16:54
12                  15:09                    16:59
13                  15:32                    21:43
14                  15:22                    26:13

The student who recorded the DNF, runner number 10, was counseled by showing them their history of runs in the class and were told that they have completed every other run asked of them and that I have observed them to be working steady.  I shared that every runner can have an off day and it was acceptable to have a DNF on their sheet and that I know they will 'bring it' next class.  Multiple DNF's do affect the grade this term.

For any parent that is interested in how their child is completing these runs, you may email me to inquire.

Robert A. Briglia
The International School
Athletic Director/Instructor