April 26, 2015: Art

Colorful Lego Portraits!

We have been hard at work in art class on our Color and Emotion Unit. Several classes have led up to this final project, the Lego Self-Portrait. Our musical connections with Peter’s class has made a great connection in fostering the PYP Attitudes such as Appreciation, Empathy, Respect and Enthusiasm, independence and creativity. I am so proud of how well they have ALL done! I know the students all cared about their portraits, worked hard and they are proud of their accomplishments. The kids reviewed basics about the Color Wheel but, for the first time, have learned how to mix primary colors to make secondary colors not by using paint but by using colored pencils! Many students thought this could only happen with paint but alas, the color mixing magic works with colored pencils too!

Second graders were also introduced to the idea that colors become more complex and interesting when artists use layers of different shades. For example, grass is not only colored with one green colored pencil but also layered with light green, dark green, olive green and sometimes even shades of blue, brown and yellow!

They learned how to draw the basic shapes that make up a Lego person and practiced drawing themselves to create a portrait (hair, clothes, facial expressions). Then, they drew a final version of their portrait, making certain color choices and decisions about the background that would reflect their own personality.

Did you know that personality traits are linked to the Color Wheel? Your kid does! The three main colors that represent my personality are Green, Blue and Orange. We are all made up of every color but what makes us unique is how brightly some traits shine through for each individual. If I had made my own portrait, I would have made my three main colors stand out in my artwork to help show my personality. Some “Green traits” that describe me are Trustworthy and Respectful of Others. My strongest “Orange traits” are that I am Social and I Like Variety.  Blue is the third main color that helps describe me which connects to my Peaceful and Organized personality.

Our use of Lego Mini Figures as inspiration for this unit was a reference to Pop Culture and how artists connect their work to things they like or care about.  They worked on drawing the Lego through observation (not tracing) and used their imaginations to design a abstract, fantasy or realistic background. They worked to cover the entire surface of paper with layers of colored pencil. We all had a great time being creative and learning more about each other during this unit of inquiry. The kids learned several new art concepts and reviewed previous art knowledge! Please enjoy these amazing portraits.

If you’re able sign up to set-up and/or help clean up the Art Show, please click on the link to fill out the Art Show Volunteer form. This info was also sent via email to all staff on April 20th. If the form doesn’t work for you, feel free to email me directly if you’re interested in helping out.



Sarah Harpole
Art Specialist