March 16, 2015: Library

Dr. Seuss' birthday is celebrated in schools across the country on March 2 every year.  Second graders had lots of fun listening to Dr. Seuss stories and playing Dr. Seuss games.  All fans of Dr. Seuss' incredible work will be happy to learn that a new book will be released in July, What Pet Should I Get?  For more information about Dr. Seuss or his books, check out the official website Seussville.

Second graders will be exploring literature genres in library classes. Each week for the rest of the school year, your child will be encouraged to check out one book in the genre we are studying.  As the students develop into independent readers, they will have a taste for the different types of literature of interest to them.  Expect to see fairy tales, non-fiction, poetry, mysteries, realistic fiction, fantasy, historical fiction, and biographies. This will keep them reading and exploring!

Author and illustrator Arthur Dorros will be visiting TIS on April 9!  We will be reading his books during library classes.  You may learn more about Arthur and his work at


Tamara Beecroft