March 16, 2015: Art

Art and Storytelling Unit

The second graders have been learning about the artist Faith Ringgold, focusing Tar Beach, a book she wrote and illustrated.  Her book won the Caldecott Award for the illustrations.  Faith Ringgold is famous for her story quilts, which combine painting, quilting and storytelling.  

Tar Beach is about a girl named Cassie Louise Lightfoot who is growing up in New York City in  the 1930’s.  While atop the roof of the tall apartment building her family lives in (Tar Beach) Cassie imagines that she can fly throughout New York City and that anything she flies over becomes hers in an imaginary world.  The second graders created drawings of themselves flying over either somewhere they want to visit or something they want to own.  They could either choose a place that really exists, or tap into their imaginations to invent some creative environments.  The second graders also wrote their own story about their artwork. Some of the places they’ve chosen to fly over include Seattle, A pink sand beach, a library, a variety of tropical places, and a video game world.  Please enjoy the student’s work below!

Important Information:

In the art room, we could use clear plastic storage bins with lids.   If you have any extra bins, consider donating them to the art room.  A friendly reminder to second grade families: We take precautions to keep clean, but please try to remember to have your child wear clothes that can get messy on his/her art day. We have started our Color and Emotion Unit of Inquiry so we will definitely be exploring with paint mixing!

Thanks for reading!

Sarah Harpole
Art Specialist