Feb 6, 2015: PE

Running shoes.  We are at the cusp of mile run training.  Already second graders have been asked to establish a baseline running time for four laps around the sidewalks.  Eight complete laps are approximately 700 or so feet LONGER than a measured mile, so 4 laps is that much longer than 1/2 mile.  We call it a half-mile.  I ask them to give me a sincere effort in establishing their baselines.  Not racing, not dawdling but steady, comfortable pacing.  As we train, they are expected to keep their 4 lap times in a 20 second 'range', either 10 faster or 10 slower seconds are wonderful.  They are told that their bodies will adapt to greater and greater workloads and overall the range of the four laps is expected to decrease over time.   

Running shoes:  Since second grade has PE only one day per week, please make sure they are wearing the correct footwear on PE days.  Converse are NOT good athletic shoes.  Although you do not need the latest, most expensive shoe, it should have good arch support and designed for sports.  Any second run per week you can help provide them is highly, highly encouraged.

Second grade is also learning to use self-turned jump ropes and jumping over long ropes turned for them by myself or fellow students.   It is wonderful to see students gain confidence and take pride in improving their jumping skills.  My head is on a swivel as they call out to me again and again to witness their accomplishments.  It is a very inexpensive item I would encourage you to pick up for them.  My suggestion is to make sure it is not too light.  The wispy cotton kind are of little value.

- Robert Briglia