Feb 6, 2015: Music


On Tuesday we will be traveling to an Oregon Symphony Kinderconzert presentation.  Please send your child to school on Tuesday with their Blue T-Shirt.

Caring through Audience Etiquette.  I have been impressed by the Second graders' ability to listen when it's time to listen.  This is something we have worked on since the beginning of the year, and it's a skill that concert goers must use.  This doesn't mean that you can't bounce and bob your head or feel the beat somehow quietly in your body.  The whole purpose is to enjoy the music.  I challenged each class to try to listen to this Paganini Violin Concerto with quiet voices and bodies.

Of course the entire Second grade class was roaring with laughter within the first 30 seconds.  When the piece finished, we cooled down a bit.  Is it okay to enjoy yourself at a concert?  Sure!  That's the whole point!  But is it okay to have such a good time that other people can't see or hear the performers?  Certainly not. 

Caring through being creative together.
We are progressing with creative work from playing whole group games to breaking into smaller groups.  One activity required kids to create original body percussion accompaniment to this two-word poetic masterpiece, "Galloping Galloping Horse."  It goes on from there, but each group's "Galloping," with three syllables must sound different from the strong single rhythm of "Horse."

With class praise and new ideas through Stars & Wishes, by the end of the activity most groups were proud of what they had created, and some groups moved on to the next level, orchestrating the syllables on percussion instruments.
Caring As Composers.
Breaking into even smaller collaborative groups, partners are beginning to compose their own original pentatonic melody (using only CDE GA) for the poem, "One Two Three."  As they work together, the only rule is that it must start on C, and end on C.  Everything in between is up to the composers, as long as they both agree.

Please listen to Masami's class example of their "One Two Three" composition Rondo  You will hear all the partner-composed melodies all at once, rotating to each partner composition as a solo:
Caring through Large Cupcakes.  

-Peter Musselman