4/17: Music

Hello and Happy April!

First grade is turning into second grade right before my eyes. We just started a new music PYP unit on storytelling and how songs express a story as well as the way we feel. They have been learning a xylophone piece called, “Hokaru Koi” which is about fireflies. So far we have only practiced the melody on the xylophone but next week we will start working on the Japanese lyrics and some movement exercises to accompany the piece.

We are also working on movement that has to do with nature as we use our bodies to express pictures and stories. With silly plastic eggs, we are in the midst of reading music and playing all kinds of instruments in a classroom “band.” Students get to read a prewritten rhythm and then pick their own instrument to play. They have to play their rhythm while in time with their other “bandmates.”

Our opening activities have included follow the leader, a beat keeping game, and our ending activity is normally a book that we can sing through such as *The Bear Went Over the Mountain, Pete the Cat, and There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Chick. *The weather is changing, the kids are getting taller and the music is sounding more beautiful!

Have a great day!