Dec 19, 2014: PE

The last class of this year I brought my second graders outside to run for four minutes.  We have been running for the same four minutes around inside the gym for quite some time.  I have to say that the second grade students this year are tolerating running more enthusiastically than past second grade classes ON A WHOLE.  We have talked about the fact I only see them once per week and it is important to 'do good things for your body' more than just once per week, so many in this class happily tell me they are performing exercises at home too.  One girl reported her seven class exercises are going on a chart to do at home after she showed them to her parents...Way to go!

Lately we have been working on Tossing and Catching.  We've stepped up from Stage I to Stage III throwing (basically from arm only to the full transfer of weight from throwing arm side to opposite side with a full body twist as the weight is transferred.    Children this age love to play catch.  Very simple, the game of catch.  With a soft ball, it can be done indoors too.  Games can be made up on the spot again and again.  One can hold arms in a circle of any size as a hoop-we practice unhand tossing too.  Or you can play catch by bouncing a throw off the wall or any other quick and fast 'rule'.  I like to have them not have to move their feet to catch (works on accuracy of the thrower).

Play catch.

- Robert Briglia, PE Specialist