Dec 19, 2014: Art

     Since we’ve finished our Art and Observation unit, we have moved on to the Art and Culture Unit of Inquiry. The Central idea is that People from different cultures express what is important to them through making art. After break, we will complete a project inspired by Adinkra Cloth that is created in Ghana, Africa. The second graders watched a great short video of many people at a market in Ghana choosing symbols that are meaningful to them and adding the stamps to a piece of colorful woven cloth. Each symbol expresses a value, moral, or traditional idea that is important to the people of West Africa.

     After looking at many examples of symbols and discussing what makes a visually nice symbol, the students designed 3 symbols of their own symbols that best fit their personality. We took inspiration from important events and memories in our lives and thought about our favorite types of lines and shapes. Next, we reviewed that warm colors are red, yellow and orange and that cool colors are blue, purple and green. They chose to paint their background abstractly, covering the entire paper with either a warm or cool color scheme. Later, we created a stamp by using a rounded (dull) pencil to press into a foam board. Ask your child about the symbol they designed to represent their personality.

    After that we literally got our hands dirty using the brayers (rollers) to create at least 5 prints. After some practice prints, some students did some revising their stamp to make a more successful print. They really loved distinguishing which colors of ink and paper would create nice contrast.

     Our bird paintings are still displayed in Stearns Hall so please come see them the first week in January if you haven't had the chance yet.

     As always, please email or stop by the art room if you have any questions, or if you just want to know more about what we are doing!

Thanks for reading and enjoy the Winter break!

Sarah Harpole
Art Specialist (2nd - 5th Grades)