11/14/2014: PE

Now that we have a few more PE classes behind us, I am getting pretty good with names.   If you hear children call me names, like Coach Pumpkin, Coach Broccoli, or Coach Onion, (really it has splinted many times from there) it's because I would tell my new students if I messed up your name after Thanksgiving you could call me Coach Onion.   Students take that and run with it, when they run, I run too.

We have explored with  volley hitting with our hands (beach balls) and with badminton racquets.  In second grade I work more on large motor and fine motor skills like handling various objects over that of organized sporting games.  We do play many games, just not the variations of volleyball or badminton the older classes play as the skills are not quite there to sustain action, hence they get to be a lot of standing around waiting to have a go at the ball or shuttlecock.

The new  activity starting this week is basketball.   I tell them that I can't quite work on their shooting skills because we have no standards in the gym, (I encourage them to shoot at recess) I do strive to create better ball handlers before they leave TIS.   I start with a basic assessment of their comprehension of handling basketballs and go from there.   Even students brand new to basketball enjoy 'seeing' with their fingertips, imparting slight spin on the ball to keep control of it, and gaining confidence with handling a basketball.

Coach Robert